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White-bellied Seedsnipe

Updated: May 1, 2023

2)	The white-bellied Seedsnipe is a very elusive and difficult bird to observe in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.
White Bellied Seedsnipe

Is it a vulnerable bird or not?

Many years that I have been observing and taking note of the behavior of the White-bellied Seedsnipe, I always wonder what conservation status it should have.

The question is not simple, but it is another bird that does not have much information, its spring / summer habitat is not in danger or because it is from 600 meters to 900 meters high. This does not represent a great risk today. Likewise, like many birds in their migration to find similar habitats, with the same plants they feed on, look for plateaus. This may be a future problem or a theory, although there is no study but comments that could be affected by hunting, not only by migration but by the gregarious behavior it has in winter. They are located many times in space much smaller than their habitat in the mountains.

We must take into account the vast territories that it occupies in summer in the high mountains, on average of one couple per valley, adding that the amount of youngsters that can have or survive is between one and two individuals.

Reproductive success will depend a lot on changing weather conditions and seasons where posture and birth is delayed like other seasons where they cannot reproduce due to the snowfall and intense cold that it has at that height in Tierra del Fuego.

I just consider that it is a bird probably because of its habitat, because of the weather, because of its behavior in migration and winter stay can take risks in the future if it is found that the hunting of this bird intensifies.

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